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Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Sharting Kid Chronicals...taken from my MySpace blog

October 25, 2006 - Wednesday

OMFG!!!! The sharting kid at the library
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OMFG!!!!!!! So, I was just at the library and had to leave because there was this kid in a helmet SHARTING next to me!!!! I was laughing soooooo hard inside that I had to leave...This kid was looking over at the cds or mags or something...and all of a sudden I heard this loud ass fart!!!! It sounded like he just shit his pants (hence Sharting)..........he came over to me and apologized for the farting...I told him that it was ok...I fart too...then he asked if I had to fart now...ROFL...I said not right at this moment, but I do fart at times...He walked away and kept staring at me...then he sharted a bunch more...he then came over (waving his hand by his butt) telling me he farted again...he started to sit down by me, and then asked if it was ok if he farted...I couldn't handle it anymore...I had to leave cuz I was about to burst laughing!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 26, 2006 - Thursday

Sharting Kid...Part 2
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SOOOOOO...I just got done with work...and I was just gunna sit down and veg at the library for a few hours on the comp...I walked in, and the only open computer I saw was right next guessed it...The Sharting Kid! I was lucky enough that another one opened up next to a nice older gentleman...I tried to hide myself from Sharting Kid (called SK from here on out), but he saw me anyway...once he saw me, he walked over by me, sharted, sat down about 5 feet away against a bookshelf, and proceeded to STARE at me (while randomly sharting)!!!!!!! I am not sure if this kid has a metabolic problem or what...but he needs some Beano or something...and some new undies cuz I am SURE that the ones he has on are skidmarked up!!!!!!! He just resently got up...and put his helmet back on lol...I don't know what I did to tickle this kids fancy...I was in sweats yesterday...and I've been up since 430 this morning cuz I went to work for a few hours...but apparently I am hot stuff to SK...and his bike helmet!!!!!!!! I just hope that he doesn't realize that the man next to me just got up and left...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, well...we all do it, I guess...

November 4, 2006- Saturday

gotta be fucking kidding me
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so...i am at the library again...there are a lot of open comps...and guess who just sat down next to me because he was waiting for the guy who was there to get up??? you guessed it...SHARTING KID!!!!! you have got to be fucking kidding me...i have an hour left here...lets see how it goes...dammit!!!! this was supposed to be a shart free day!!!!

the little fucker is humming


Questions from S.K....I couldn't get any luckier today
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So... ten minutes into my latest SK experience...and he has asked the following questions...and read the blog that I had written, so I erased it and started over

Did you hear me fart?

Is it ok if I fart?

Did you smell my fart?

Do you have to fart?

Can I hear you fart?

Can you fart now?

Don't you have to fart pretty soon?

What does that say? (in reference to the blog I had written earlier)

Why don't you have to fart yet?

I farted again...did you smell that one?

Don't you eat baked beans?

They make me fart...

I haven't heard anyone fart yet.

Why hasn't anyone farted?

Do you think they ate baked beans today?

He is staring at me again...DAMMIT!!!!!!!! I am going to Mc Donalds now...all I wanted to do was print off pictures of pretty dresses!!!!!



So, after I wrote this blog, I attempted to leave the library...I told SK this and he got up, and proceeded to follow me...asking me more questions about farts...if i was going to fart at Mc Donalds...if i was going to fart in my car...if i farted in my car...and so on and so on...then, i told him that i was late, so i had better hurry up...I started walking faster...and he followed me...the only thing that kept him from following me out to my car asking a million and one farting questions was the security alarm by the front doors alerting them that he had un-checked out books!!!!! OMG!!!! It cracks me up, but COME ON!!!!! ROFL Why did he have to choose me to be his favorite fart talker???? There are lots of other people that I see there all the time!!!!! Why not them??? Do I look like I fart a lot or something??? LOL Maybe he thinks that we have a lot in common or something!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Lord knows that I will see SK again tomorrow at the library, so we will see where this goes then!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha LATER!!!!